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Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation graciously relies on the community and our partners to ensure our continued operations and help us further develop our community-based support dog programs.
Financial donations are welcome. You can contact us directly, contribute via our our website, or at any of our Rescued Paws events throughout the year.
We are set up with to accept monetary value donations. 
We do accept donations of bedding, leashes, collars, food, toys, and treats etc. which you can drop off at Alpine View Pet Spa, or Pet Planet in Strathmore. 

Animals take a lot of time and love to prosper.

Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation is always looking for caring volunteers for a variety of roles. From walking and playing with dogs, community-based support dog programs, to special event support and other skilled positions.

Please contact us directly if you are available to volunteer at Alpine View Pet Spa where we board dogs interim, until foster homes are found, or come assist with events, or assist us in any other volunteer capacity. 

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