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If you see a dog available for adoption on our website, social media or at one of our events, you are welcome to complete an adoption application form and submit it to Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation.


Upon receipt of your application, in which we must have first to ensure you match the dogs needs, we set up a meet and greet at our facility with you, your family, and the requested dog to see how everyone feels about each other. If everyone chooses to move forward, we will arrange to come to your home to complete a home check to ensure you have suitable accommodations for the specific dog.

During the home check we also let the dog check out you and your home, after all it will be their home now too! If they are happy to be there, we watch the behavior and comfort of the dog, help you introduce them to your home, other animals, and/or children in the family.


The next step is to continue to the adoption contract, and adoption fee, entering into a 24-hour trial. During your 24-hour trial you may return the dog for any reason and full refund is given. Our team will check in with you after 24 hours.


After an additional 7-day trial, the same return policy is upheld, a full refund within a week if for any reason the dog is not suitable for your home. Our team will check in with you after 7 days.

Upon completion of your full week with your new dog, and during that time you've both fallen in love and can’t look back, Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation will officially transfer files from our vet to your vet and you assume full ownership.

Please know that for any reason during the course of the dogs life, should you need to return or rehome the dog, it MUST come back to us as we remain on the microchip to ensure the safety of all our rescues. 



Our foster homes provide the love, we provide the rest! 

All you need is to provide a loving and nurturing temporary home environment for our dogs as they await their forever home. We provide food, treats, crates, beds, collar and leashes, toys, and vet care. Should you decide to purchase items to spoil the dog while fostering your are welcome too, at your cost. 

Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation is always looking for new foster homes who are committed to working with our team in housing dogs as they transition to the next chapter of their lives.

For more information on becoming a foster family, please review our application form and contact us directly.



Mal - Husky Mix

Age unknown - best guess is 2 years, he is neutered. Vaccines are up to date.

Does really with dogs, kids are good too just is a shy boy, Cats he doesn’t mind.

He was abandoned so we don’t know much but he needs a loving foster asap!

Blondie 1_edited.jpg

Blondie - well she’s a shy but beautiful girl.

She is wiggling and wants to love you. But is unsure how to accept it until she sees your safe.

Blondie is spayed, she has been vaccinated.

She needs a safe foster home asap! She would do best with a family with dogs. 


This handsome boy- unknown breed- best guess- LAB mix.

One year old, is neutered and up to date.

Ollie is best suited for a single dog home and no kids.

He is so sweet, cuddly and loves his humans fiercely!

We have found him friendly with small dogs but he has not had a great opportunity to find a friend yet.

Looking for a foster ASAP

Tic tac1.jpg

Meet Tic Tac

She’s a two year old Heeler, likes other dogs, and gets along with them, kids of all sizes, no cats.

Tic Tac is vaccinated and will be spayed. She is learning to walk on leash and will need some obedience training as she doesn’t know many cues.

She is super attentive though and eager to be loved! Smart girl!

Accepting applications!


My name is Howie, I’m an one year old, very sweet dog that loves kids, kids and cats.

While I am small (25 pounds), I am not to be missed! I love humans, love humans, love humans, did I tell you I looooovvveee humans?!

Learning to walk on leash as I just haven’t had the experience yet, I am gentle, full of kisses and would love a big family to love me.

Please adopt me!



Delta is a one year old husky shepherd mix, he is vaccinated, and will be neutered shortly.

Delta is very social very bubbly loves to seek new people. He will make a fantastic addition to any family home. He loves kids, dogs and loves making any kind of new friend.

He walks on leash fairly well, but is learning the skills as he has lived with his pack, his whole life, and is learning to live without them. His skills are wonderful for sit, lay down he is being crate trained and doing well. He is a very confident dog, and does very well with reaching out to humans and interacting with everybody!

He cannot wait to meet his new family!

Kova 1.jpg

Kova is back, no fault on any part! But she is seeking a new home. She needs a foster home ASAP!

Chesapeake retriever mix, 2 years old, loves kids, cats, enjoys dogs and loves to play fetch lol crazy. She is calm, and sweet natured, walks on leash, sits, lays down for belly tickles too.

Ready for a new adventure!

Dogs Available
How to Adopt

Ricki is right for you!!!

He’s over just over 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated. He is getting much more comfortable with Leash walking, he sits, loves attention, house training and loves all his humans.

Ricki has a spice for life, so he is seeking a medium- to active home. Cats are a big interest and not recommended, not fully established if he is ok with them yet.

Kids over 5 years old are friends on, but littles that have grabby hands make him uncomfortable. He is good with other dogs, but prefers the ladies.

He is accepting adoption applications. 



Zeus - 8 year old French Brittany Spaniel. Neutered and vaccinated-

Loves kids, dogs and cats!! This boy won’t last long- he’s a genuine sweetheart! He is house trained, super playful and loyal. Cuddly and his foster family just adore him!

He’s in foster and waiting for his Furever home.

IMG_8124 (1).jpg


This boy is a show stealer- he is the center of your attention!

He is approx 1-2 years old, Husky. Loves to play and run and be silly!

We are seeking a foster or adoptive home for this beauty.


Raven Girl! Adoption Pending

This black lab is so calm, loving and gentle. She loves kids, cats, and dogs and is really missing a home.

We guess her around 4-5 years old, she is seeking a furever home.


Lovely Libby-

This sweet dog has been a guest at Alpine View Pet Spa and is a lovely-lovely-lovely girl.

She is looking for a new home with a family who can give her pets and has a fenced yard.

She loves kids, humans and cats. But Lovely Libby needs to be the only dog in home as she is not tolerating of sharing her humans with other dogs.

She is 3 years and spayed- she is a Shepherd mix. Large sized gal who loves to cuddle.

Applications being accepted!


Otis is a big black lab beauty!
He is a black lab, 5 years old, has been raised with kids and loves people. We do recommend kids 5+ as he is a big boy who doesn’t realize how big he really is! 
He’s been tested on cats and is interested but neutral. He is crate trained, walks on leash (needs some pulling manners), sits and lays down, and did really well with dog testing and loves the girls. His beautiful face and demeanour is very kind and he is ready to take a new path with a great family.
Neuter appointment for the near future. 
Applications are open!

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